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Now it's my turn to talk about the Spring/Summer trends that most speak to me. The color block looks are apparently here to stay and I am all for it, so are the full white/ecru looks: keep 'em coming! However, there are other more subtle trends that kinda never left but have been slowly taking over our closets and instagram feeds. Here are my favorites (click on the pictures for the links):


Perfect for those (that like me) are a bit sick of blazers and require a somewhat fresher outwear for spring or summer. Not as wearable in a corporate setting I must admit, but who cares? I'm here for all the safari looks and boiler jumpsuits out there!



Skinny jeans have been out of style for a while (and we're oh so thankful to have our leg circulation back) and we're still suckers for the classic slim/straight cut. Nonetheless, wide jeans, whether long or in culotte style, have been slowly stealing the spot from the mom/straight jean.



This is a controversial one. I personally, am not a fan of sandals, due to the simple fact that my feet just can't handle most of them. I get sores from anything and everything. In that sense I rely mostly on boots and snickers all year around (maybe some mocassins or espadrilles in summer). However, the dad sandal look is growing on me. I too, am a proud owner of a pair of black birkenstocks and even though I mostly wear them around the house I do love them. In the hope that the dad sandal brings some comfier and summer friendly footwear to our closets, if not at least some coolness, here is some inspiration.

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