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Hi everyone!

Time for some fashion trends here on the blog 🙂 We're a month into Spring and it's the perfect time to reflect on the trends that I've actually been wearing and loving.

Today’s post will be my take on the Spring/Summer trends, and Silvia will come next to tell you hers.


As a person who wears all black, this is a big shift. But I’ve been loving mixing the beiges, off-white, camels, and the occasional green. Make it as casual or as smart as you want, I guarantee you the most effortlessly chic outfit.



A blazer as always been my go-to jacket, especially for work. So, as you can imagine, the rising of this trend has made me very happy. Don’t limit yourself to the black/navy/ camel options and have a little fun with colors (I’ve been dreaming with a blue pastel suit) and patterns!



Nor a trend per se I know, but after many years of skinny jeans, this past year I finally caved in to the straight leg and mom fit jeans. And I haven’t look back since (except for my black skinny jeans that I cannot live without, full disclaimer). I love to pair them with a cool blazer and some trainers for the perfect casual look!


These are my top 3 trends for the next few months. Honourable mentions to animal print and silky piece, two trends that I've also been loving and using a lot!

What has been your favorite trends? 🙂

Stay tune for Silvia’s post!

- Rita


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